My Story

I had been in direct sales many times trying all types of home party plans, I really liked every product I sold!  The problem was the expense involved, the time involved, trying to get people to book parties and eventually it just fizzled out.  When I first saw a Scentsy warmer, I fell in LOVE!  I bought one at a fair brought it home plugged it in and WOW the beauty and the wonderful smell.  Since then everytime I saw someone selling Scentsy I thought, I should try selling that.  And let me tell you, This product sells itself, I have never just taken off with a business before like this one.  There is so much support and training, So many customers who want the product!  I encourage you to take a bit browse my website and to contact me to find out more information.  I love what I do and I am sure you will too!  Thanks for stopping by!<!--endbody-->